Stud service.

Our males Yogurt and Yuuup are allowed to give stud service to a limited extent. Of course we make good appointments.

Below you will find some of our requirements,

  • female should be tested for HCM (echo), PKD, FiV and FeLV.
  • we ask for a copy of your pedigree cat
  • copy cattery registration (for Belgium an HK number as well)
  • We expect a lady with cut nails and of course in good health.

What can you expect from us?

We let your lady stay 3-5 days with our male and take care of her like one of our cats.
We give her the nutrition of your choice
Copy Fiv, FelV, HCM and PKD test of Yogurt or Yuuup
A copy from his pedigree and a completed stud certificate from your club.

Of course we dissociate ourselves from certain breeders and your pedigree will be checked for possible lines, so we can refuse a mating.
We will always inform you of the reason for refusal!
The price of a mating is 500 euro

Selkirk rex
Selkirk rex