Our Cattery Policy

Our parents cats will be tested annually for HCM (heart), FiV and FeLV (cat aids and leucose) and once for PKD (kidneys).
These tests are available in the cattery.

If one of our parents should have a problem in the future, you as a buyer will be informed.
If desired, you can get the new tests every year.

We are against repositioning but sometimes you really can’t do otherwise. In normal circumstances a cat that is not suitable for breeding anymore will stay with us as a castrate unless he doesn’t fit in the group anymore. Then we will look for a new but good home for them with regret in our hearts.

All our cats live in the house, together with our open cat. We don’t want cages or separate rooms. Our animals are first and foremost our pets, only after that a breeding animal!

We dissociate ourselves from certain breeders who do not fully express the breed and breed the wrong types. We know our breed and keep ourselves exclusively busy with this so that this breed has no secrets for us anymore and we can breed a good type.

Our cattery is under supervision of veterinarian Raf Vandenbroeck (Aalstersestraat, Lebbeke) If our veterinarian is not available we will go to Boskema in Moorsel.
Our HCM and PKD tests are done at Dap Simard in Hamme.

Selkirk rex
Selkirk rex