Why we vaccinate 1 time

Our kittens are vaccinated for the first time around the age of 12 weeks. Until that time they get enough antibodies from their mother’s milk.
If there is no vaccination reaction, and the kitten is declared completely healthy by our vet, the kitten may leave the Cattery at the age of 13-14 weeks.

Why we vaccinate 1 time completely, we will explain below. In this way we want to give the new kitten owners the choice to vaccinate their kitten once or twice. The second vaccination may be given at the age of 16 – 17 weeks at your own risk and only with the same vaccination purevax RCP.
Kittens who move abroad will get the same vaccination but also Rabies, according to the rules of the Legislation – this is different per country. These kittens can only move later. (Because of the incubation period of 21 days).

Critical Vaccination

There is no doubt that vaccinating against (deadly) infectious diseases has prevented a lot of misery in our pets in the last 20 years. Especially canine distemper, parvo and feline distemper have become rare or non-existent thanks to the vaccination policy. However, the view that vaccination has only positive effects and therefore no negative consequences has been under discussion for the last few years, as well as the view that your pet should be vaccinated every year is not scientifically substantiated.

So why would 2 kitten vaccinations be necessary now? Surely the science is moving along?
If vaccinated 1 time with Feline and Sneezing Sickness as a kitten with LIVING SICK vaccine, 1 complete vaccination is sufficient until the age of 1 year. Then this vaccination needs to be repeated once, after which it gives enough protection for the rest of the life of most cats (and certainly for so-called ‘indoor cats’).

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