Wish Adorablecat

Selkirk rex LH homozygous

Date of birth: 22-06-2018
Color: white/blue eyes
Carries: Odd eye, cinnamon and dilution

After Flora became sterile, we went looking for a white kitten with blue eyes.
We definitely wanted to continue with white. When the breeder of Wish told us she had blue eyes, our dream came true.
Wish is a terrible thief, she steals everything she finds in terms of food. Don’t leave a plate or the dishes are done!
She is a terrible teddy bear that melts every heart. When she comes to cuddle, she really pushes herself against you, towards the intrusive.
The only disadvantage is that she doesn’t wash herself! We always try to postpone a bath, hoping she will start it herself but unfortunately! Of course white is always a special character and this sweet lady is certainly not inferior to this.

Father: Curly Orlando From Sham
Mother: Ijorika Adorablecat

Selkirk rex