Yuuup Nisha’s wonderland

Selkirk rex LH

Date of birth: 18-03-2020
Color: Cinnamon Tabby Mackerel
Carries: dilution
Bloodtype A

We had no plans to keep another male but he was so beautiful and the color cinnamon is still very rare in the breed Selkirk rex.
In terms of character he fit perfectly into the group and our doubts grew by the day.
When Xian died at the age of 13 from a cerebral hemorrhage, Yogurt would still be the only “male” in the house, so we decided to keep him with us.
Yuuup (pronounced yeëup) will be our 2nd stud in the future.

Vader: Yogurt of Juras Perle
Moeder: Wish Adorable Cats